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Calming Scented Candles

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Elevate your senses and create an oasis of serenity with our Calming Scented Candle collection. Embrace the Scandinavian concept of "Lagom," finding the perfect balance in life, with candles that emanate just the right amount of fragrance to soothe your soul.

Take a "Fika" break from the hustle and bustle, as our candles transport you to a moment of coffee, cake, and camaraderie. The warm, inviting aromas encourage relaxation and light-heartedness.

Experience the Danish "Hygge" with candles that cocoon you in cozy comfort, fostering a sense of well-being. These candles are more than scents; they are moments of peace and contentment.

Illuminate your space and spirit with our Calming Scented Candles. Choose the Lagom, Fika, or Hyyge scented candles to infuse your surroundings with serenity.

Material: Glass
Size: 4.5oz

Burn within sight. Keep away from flammables. Keep away from children and pets.